To create awareness for the Hilfiger Sessions events and increase  the experience of the live events, we brought to live Tommy Hilfiger’s own interactive TV Channel.

Tommy TV was made to inspire and activate consumers with interactive Fashion Art, Music and Entertainment formats online and with live events around the world.

One of the first online TV programs launched on the channel, ‘The Hilfiger Auditions’ is based on scouting new upcoming music talent, and offering them a chance to jam with the world’s greatest artists during the European Hilfiger Sessions events.

Another programme is show casing live recordings of The Hilfiger Sessions events as well as artist interviews and backstage footage.

Visitors of the online channel, can reserve tickets for the live events or mold live recording and SONY BMG footage, to create their own playlists which can be be shared with friends, integrated in social networks or uploaded mobile devices.

Event content was broadcasted in-store and in online to inspire and attract new participants and fans.