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Webby Awards Honoree
SMG One Awards
Spin Awards
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Finalist Cannes Lions
Favorite website award of the day
Winner Australian Event Awards
Silver W3 Award
Creative Web Award Design Licks
Amma Award
Winner Dutch Youngs Dogs Cannes

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Brand Strategy
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Concept Development
Campaign Building
Presentation Creation
Character Development
Guerilla Marketing
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What a pleasure to see you here.

Let me tell you a little bit about Creazitivity and myself. Creazitivity is the domain where I post my commercial work and free work. In case you hadn’t noticed yet, I am a concept freak ‘crazy about creative branding’ with an unstoppable passion to come up with new ideas. Beside concept development and art direction on a commercial basis, I collect freely floating conceptual ideas and develop them into brands or experiments, which I try to swing into the marketplace, regularly joining forces with other creatives, strategists, scientists and friends.

The last two years of my Bachelor's Degree program in Marketing I became one of the twenty Student Brand Ambassadors for Red Bull. With that I took part in one of the most dynamic and empowered student management programs in the world.
It is a one of a kind job for students, that feels like winning the lottery. It gave me the opportunity to practice, execute, develop and get trained by highly influential marketing and sales experts. I was involved in The Red Bull Soap Box Race, The Speed Golf Challenge, and The Creativity Contest and did a thesis to research and recommend strategies for Red Bull's introduction to the hospitality service industry. 

After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree I knew I was hungry for more knowledge, and decided to apply for the Hallo Academy©, the academy for applied creativity, based in Amsterdam. At Hallo, I got trained by strategists, artists, copywriters, brand architects, lateral thinkers and mind bogglers, to come up with incredible amounts of concepts, select the best, define powerful insights, present the big idea, make them work in execution, and to go back to my roots and become a freely floating thinker.

After Hallo, and an internship at John Doe, I started working in the advertising industry as an Art Director working in multi-disciplinary teams at Endemol, Media Republic, and later on at IDTV followed by Muse Amsterdam as Associate Creative Director. Leading the creative department on a daily basis and responsible for the development of concepts for international brands such as Mattel Hot Wheels, Axe, Lipton, Heineken, Tommy Hilfiger, Samsung, Philips & Bosch, using a media independent approach, by mixing digital with traditional communication. I love working and leading teams of specialists with all sorts of backgrounds, to together create both inspiring and moving campaigns and brands, that rock the world of consumers and make a difference.

I work on a freelance and part-time basis, for start-ups and existing brands, production companies, and creative agencies. And I am always interested in new projects and challenges.

If you’d like to get in touch feel free to say I’m always interested in meeting new, like-minded minds.

Philia Beroud