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For the launch of ONETO, the first single sock brand, we needed key campaign images for brand presentations, online, stores, websites, social, and print. I worked together with photographer Corentin De Saedeleer, to develop a story around laundromats; The vortex where socks get lost. Socks do not want to be paired with their standard out of the factory, “seemingly other half”. That is why they get lost. The #1 place where socks escape, is in washing machines. It is their ultimate gateway to a lifestyle, they prefer.

At the core and very heart of the brand lies the promise to, do good. ONETO, embraces the philosophy that for each product created and sold, half of either product or profit, goes back to a cause, tied to the product. For each single socks sold, the seemingly other half of the pair, finds its way to a homeless person. Socks are number one needed item in shelters. The concept of the shoot “encounters in a laundromat”, fitted the brand story seamlessly, and was a fun and original way to introduce ONETO to the market.

vsco-photo-1 5.jpg
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