One thing is for sure when you’re asked to promote the Smart TV: you want it to be a smart campaign. People have been watching television for decades and we wanted to stay true to that fact.

Research had indicated that people didn’t know what a Smart TV (a web connected television) was and hence weren’t interested in buying it.

The ‘Smart TV Stare Battle’ campaign was made to help create understanding for the product. In a custom made YouTube channel where people started at the new SMART TV for hours, they discovered the new features for themselves, in a battle against YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. Keenan tried to distracted viewers, using the features of the Television to skype them, show them video’s, new movie titles, websites or send chat messages.

The smart eye-tracking device registered eyelid movements via the users’ webcam. You blink, yo lose. Weekly winners of the Benelux and US could win a Samsung Smart TV to enjoy staring at it even longer. Thousands of video’s were directly recorded and shared amongst friends on social networks resulting in hours (two month altogether) of stare time, in which people payed extremely close attention to the product.

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